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One of a kind Half Horn Knife by P-O Eklund
Handlle: Reindeer ontleer, stabilized sallow root, damascus forged by Rogher Bergh.
Blade: Damsascus forged by Roger Bergh
Stand: Reindeer ontleer, masur from pain wood.
All engravings by maker.

Collaboration Half Horn Knife
made by P-O (father) and Per (son)Eklund. One-of-a-kind.
Handle: Reindeer ontleer, Damascus forged by Roger Bergh
Blade: Mosaic damascus forged by Roger Bergh
Sheat: Reindeer antler, rawhide leather and damascus forged by Roger Bergh.
The engraving is made by P-O, the knife is made by Per.

One-of-a-kind Half Horn Knife made by P-O Eklund
Handle: Reindeer ontleer. Inlay of damascus steel.
Blade: Mosaic damascus forged by Johan Gustavsson
Stand: Reindeer antleer, Damascus steel and stabilised black oak.
All engraving by maker.


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