About me

 My name is Pär-Olof Eklund, and I live in Skellefteå, a city in the north of Sweden. On this web-site you will find antlerknives in different styles, all one-of-a-kind-items made by my self. I hope that you will find something that you like. Beside the blades, which I buy from the most skilful smiths in this part of Sweden, I do all the work with the knives on my own. During the dark winter months I make the sheats and the handles, sew the leather and engrave when the knives have got their final design. I use traditional Nordic materials, antler from reindeer and moose, curly grained root from birch and sallow, and leather from reindeer and cattle. The engraving is traditionally carved with knife, and coloured with bark from alder-trees or oilcolour.

I met the knife and the wooden-cup as articles for everyday use in the village where I was born. Järvträsk is a small village not so far from the arctic circle. By the old men I learnt to make a wooden-cup for coffe. My first knife was made in the beginning of 1980, and I have made several knives since then.

I am aiming to increase my knifemaking skills, and therefore it is important to get input from other makers.  I am a member of The Swedish, Norwegian and Danish Knife Associations aswell as The Knifeguild of Skellefteå and Grundsunda.

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